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Business Coaching in UK, South East England

With Mary Murray

Mary has over 20 years experience working as a senior level FTSE 100 executive across functional areas including Sales, Finance, IT, Procurement and HR. Mary has an established reputation for delivering marked improvement within organisations and has worked in the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services and Public Sector business environments.

Mary�s definitive coaching approach reveals the potential in people, teams and organisations. The approach begins with creating a foundation of respect between coach and client through transparency,empathy, understanding and support. With these foundations in place trust, integrity and the creation of
a safe relationship become a reality. Mary moves to create awareness of the issues and challenges within the client�s world, supporting and analysing the scenarios at hand in order to see situations clearly and for what they are. This sharing of issues and challenges in the work place and ways to address them are always balanced according to the temperament and the learning styles of each individual client.

Clearly identified objectives, learning goals and success measures are guaranteed to bring sustainable performance improvements through coaching sessions with individuals and teams.

What my clients have said:

�Mary provided valuable, insightful and constructive coaching. I found the sessions challenging (in a positive way). The guided analysis was very productive, leading to a few eureka moments when I was able to identify the cause of negative issues and develop a plan to resolve them. Overall, I was very pleased with the coaching programme. It has contributed directly to the way I have managed and resolved quite complex issues.�
A. Richardson, Lloyds Banking Group

�Each session helped me explore potential solutions to real issues, some regarding specific problematic business situations, and others around more general personal development. My recent appraisal has already reflected some of the progress made, with hopefully more still to come. Mary herself has been great to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her as a coach."
Finance Consultant, Shell

Name: Mary Murray

Phone: 07796758926



Country/Area: UK, South East England