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Business Coaching in London And South

With Lol Trendall, Delta Professional Coaching Ltd

Our passion is helping others to develop, both personally and professionally!

We exist to liberate potential.

We love helping you to create enduring positive change.

We are committed to helping you and your people grow, expand and be in a happy, fulfilling state - think of it as more happiness, more of the time!

We specialise in times of transition, such as career change, or major life changes, identifying your strengths and skills and helping you to explore how best to apply these for the right impact on your life or business practice.

Our last corporate project generated savings of 5M against a target of 1.5M - that's more than 3 times what we were asked to deliver!

The practitioners at Delta have extensive experience in Change Management in a business context, and love developing authentic confidence in leaders, motivation and strategising.

By working with Delta, you will be making a real investment in yourself and your business or career. This could have the potential to transform your experiences in life and in business.

Our approach is thus:

We work with you to examine where you or your business are right now, and where you might like to be in the future.

Your Delta coach will help you to identify workable strategies to achieve these goals.

We truly believe in using a real blend of techniques to facilitate your ability to make the changes you desire.

We respect individuality, hence we offer a diverse blend of expertise.

If we are not the right people to help you specifically, we will say so, and can often help to direct you to the right expert, through our network of associates and trusted partners.

We help you to identify and strive for growth, whatever your starting point.

The Delta approach is positive, and can help you develop in your true, and authentic direction.

We are not saying it is easy, or that you will not be challenged....but life is about meeting challenges...

For the changes you desire to happen, you need to be committed to exploration and honest with us....

Our watchwords are integrity, balance and intuition.

Hours: 10am to 6pm GMT, Mon-Fri

Links to our articles and short tips are available on Twitter @deltacoaching if you want to get an idea of the Delta approach or just read something interesting!

Lol Trendall also writes for as an expert on Business, Careers, and Wellbeing.

This is what our personal coaching clients say....

"At a time of substantial upheaval both in my personal and business life, I was able to call upon Delta to provide me with extremely useful coaching. My coach guided me through the process of defining my goals and values, and also helped me to develop ideas and structure in order to achieve these goals.

My coach provided some much needed support during uncertain times, and I would like to thank her very much for applying her time and skills to my situation."

P, Redeployee in a major Corporate (FTSE100)

"I received coaching from Delta Professional Coaching at a particularly difficult time in my career. My coach helped me to look at the positive aspects of my circumstances, gain confidence in my own abilities and realise the value I had to offer prospective employers. This was my first experience of coaching and I did not know what to expect.

I found Lol very approachable, she made me feel instantly at ease, and I felt like I was talking through things with a friend. Lol was truly professional and very knowledgeable, I would recommend her coaching to others . The sessions were enjoyable and I feel I have learnt from the experience and can move forward with more confidence."

A, BT Women's Network Member

On our written articles, this is some of our feedback....

"Nice article Delta, I was made redundant in December 2010, I greived for my job as I loved it and thought I was really safe there, but then after consideration I took it as an opportunity to discover what I really want out of a job. It can be an opportunity for self-discovery and change like you say...very encouraging words, thank you. I just did your exercise...doing the 3rd page and then changing the title is quite empowering :)"

Name: Lol Trendall, Delta Professional Coaching Ltd

Phone: 07974 821509



Country/Area: London And South