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Business Coaching in Cheshire UK

With Kieran Perry

Let me be your Business Coach what I can do to help.

As a business coaching I will work with you to identify areas of your business you require focus on, formulating solutions to the challenges and difficulties faced in creating successful change. I can help in areas such as: communication, results, managing change, strategic planning, customer service, team development, risk taking, staff management and decision-making.

My business coaching will allow you to concentrate on your business plan, leadership skills, and ultimately enjoy the benefits of increased sales and profits. Through my experience and qualifications I have a strong understanding of organisational dynamics and the business world which is vital in order to be effective.

My first one to one consultation would be a full day, I would come to your business discuss your vision, and help you structure this with fresh thinking and ideas using step by step customised strategies and planning. I can work at all levels within your business and get the answers you need to help build your business for the future.

Further day consultations could then be planned to focus more time on developing on going issues that arise in your business as you start out or are developing your existing company to take it to the next level. I will work with you using my experience gained from working for Major Brands, using tried and tested formulas and a structured plan to enable the business to grow and develop profitably.

If this service is of interest to you and your business, please contact me or Tel 07531 456035, and I will gladly discuss your requirements further and provide you with a quotation. I am based in Cheshire in the North of England and I cover the whole of the UK, my prices start from 350

Name: Kieran Perry

Phone: 07531 456035



Country/Area: Cheshire - UK