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Business Coaching in Cambridge, UK

With Hilary Jeanes

* Feel overwhelmed?
* Know you're not performing at your best?
* Doubt your own judgement?
* Can’t seem to make decisions anymore?
* Want to regain that feeling of control and confidence you once had?

If you are in an isolated role - business owner, headteacher, HR practitioner, for example – a people profession without the rigour of routine mentoring or supervision) putting your own needs first can be a bit of a struggle.

Maybe you feel it's selfish to put your own needs before those of others, but doing so can enable you to be more effective. Like being in a plane and putting on your own oxygen mask first so that you can help others get out of trouble.

Or you feel you can't justify the money. Often people don't earmark resources (time and money in particular) to ensure they are in the best possible place. Other things or other people come first.

It's worth considering what it's costing you - in terms of personal stress, relationships, exhaustion for instance - NOT to invest in yourself, particularly if it's affecting your performance or your relationships at work or at home.

So what were the benefits of coaching?
• time and space to articulate your thoughts, with the support and challenge of someone skilled in listening and questioning
• the opportunity to think aloud with an expert listener in a safe environment
• questioning and challenge to understand the blockages and explore opportunities
• testing out the 'right' solution before going live with it
• decisions on appropriate action
• support to implement the chosen decision.

Here’s what some of my clients say about working with me:

“Many thanks again for your time and work over the last few months - I have found it very useful and 'nourishing’.”
JD, Headteacher, Hertfordshire

“Working with Hilary has been an eye opening experience. She has helped me instigate some major changes which will have lifelong repercussions.”
JK, Web Designer, London

“Hilary possesses the extraordinary knack of being able to ask the most pertinent questions to stimulate one’s thoughts in a most useful direction.”
KD, Head of Human Resources, London

If you’d like to have a chat about how coaching can benefit you and your business, give me a call on 01763 245323 or drop an email to

It’s the first step on your journey to where you want to be.

Name: Hilary Jeanes

Phone: 01763 245323



Country/Area: Cambridge, UK