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Business Coaching in Newcastle Upon Tyne

With Haider Imam

Hi there, I hope you're well and I applaud you for taking that big first step of researching a coach or mentor. In reality, few people get this far, so it's likely you possess the kind of focus that will mean a coaching relationship will bring great rewards to you and others.

About YOU
Have you noticed in your world that to achieve anything at all, you need to interact with people, groups or systems? Well, the extent to which you can influence yourself and others to act decisively on your Vision is the extent of your Success in life and business.It's likely that the reason you're needing a coach can be reduced down to this one key factor, when you think about it.

About ME
My name is Haider 'Hedda' Imam. At 37, I'm a nationally award-winning trainer, coach, speaker and author (search for '47 Moments of Inspiration' on Amazon). I consult internationally with global brands as well as coaching professional men and women from around the UK. I'm recognised as an expert on the subject of INFLUENCE through Leadership, Salesmanship and Negotiation.

Like Stella Artois, my rates are 'reassuringly' expensive because my track record for clients is outstanding: 30 million return on investment for corporate clients over the last 2 years as well as cultural transformations, promotions, new careers, new businesses and renewed purpose means my rate ranges from 200 - 250 per session depending on the number of sessions booked in advance, regardless of the medium (telephone, chat, skype, face to face meeting, etc).

You'll notice I walk my talk, running a successful business, private mentoring groups, live public seminars, speaking nationwide and am also writing my second book this year (2010). I don't do strategy! There are far better strategic thinkers out there than I, if you need someone to design a three year business plan with someone!

What makes us the right 'fit' is when you're an action-focussed individual of sound ethics, prepared to step up to a new level of personal leadership and work towards success through the medium of influence, whilst stepping out of your comfort zone on a regular basis. My coaching 'tasks' are legendary and help you transform your game. I've been known to 'drop' coaching clients who aren't as committed to their own goals as I am. What is it you want? I help you get that.

Frankly, if you've got to this point in the text, you're definitely the kind of person who I enjoy talking with. First step is be to drop me an email with an outline of your context, challenges and Vision / goal, to which I'll reply and perhaps set up a telephone call to feel each other out a little more.

There are so many coaches in the world, yet so few that can deliver results, success and beyond in a professional, challenging and humorous way.

Finally, thanks for your time - the most valuable currency we have nowadays- and hope to be in touch soon. Be sure to visit the website to your free training, tools and resources,

Sunny regards,


Name: Haider Imam

Phone: 07905935403



Country/Area: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne