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Business Coaching in Islington, London, UK, International

With Future Pace Consulting Jane Lewis

It can be quite lonely running your own business. Even when you have employees and work alongside other people, sometimes you need an outsiders' eye to give you a better perspective or help you think through your approach.

If you are looking for help with figuring out your strategy, or looking at new ways of marketing your business, or if you're struggling with your own motivation, then a good business coach is a wonderful resource.

I have spent over 20 years running and working for small and medium sized businesses. With a background in management consultancy, and various business-related qualifications (including an MBA) I have practical experience and I understand the theory too. I'm also a qualified and experienced coach, so I know how to support you in a way that best suits your personal style.

I offer a range of options to business people to suit your requirements. For example, one client invites me into her business once a quarter, and we spend the whole day together. Other clients use me in a more 'ad hoc' way. I also have a retainer-based service.

Here's what one client said about working with me. 'As a result of the coaching, I could see my goal closer and more clearly, and I realised that my business is in its 7th year so it is a reality. ....It was also useful breaking things down to thinking about what I might achieve with a specific client, rather than clients as a group.'

Name: Future Pace Consulting - Jane Lewis

Phone: 07977 445910



Country/Area: Islington, London, UK, International