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Business Coaching in UK

With Enlighten

Welcome to Enlighten

We work with ambitious and committed leaders, businesses and individuals, helping them to improve their performance and to fulfil their potential. If you are seeking to achieve inspiring goals, we will provide you with objective and challenging support.

Our style has been described as, purposeful, dynamic and clearly focused. This down to earth approach and our commitment to viewing each client as unique will ensure we provide you with the coaching or training steps needed to accelerate you towards your aspirations.

Based in the South East of England in Kent, Enlighten provide personal and professional coaching solutions as well as designing bespoke professional development training which results in the following benefits:

* An increase in performance and motivation
* A clear focus with positive success criteria
* Individually designed training and coaching
* Plans to ensure you deliver on your goals and targets

Coaching with Enlighten

Enlighten provide a variety of coaching solutions to meet the range of individual and work environment needs, such as; Executive Coaching, Business Coaching, Coaching in Education and Personal Life Coaching.

Executive Development with Enlighten

'Leaders instil in their people a hope for success and a belief in themselves. Positive leaders empower people to accomplish their goals.'

Executives today are aware of the persistent pressure to increase performance despite the effect of changes which are outside their control. Continuous change in the world in which we work means that leaders must also change and apply fresh and new strategies to ensure continued success.

'If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got.'

The rate of change in a rapidly innovative world is likely to accelerate - How can you stay ahead of this?

One to One Executive Coaching with Enlighten

At Enlighten we aim to provide an effective structure to diagnose issues and identify successful actions that result in leaders and organisations managing themselves differently. This can include clarification of goals and improved communication.

The benefits to this type of coaching are:

* Leaders and teams in organisations discover and achieve their potential
* Reduced levels of stress and anxiety
* Reduced feelings of isolation for key leaders
* Commitment to the corporate vision is strengthened/revitalised

The Power of Coaching

'It has become clear to me that I am the only one who has the answers to my questions. If there is anything I focus on it is to ask the right questions, in the right way. All you need is to find the right coach whose focus will help you open the doorways to your own solutions.' Adrian Gilpin - Unstoppable People

Business Coaching

Business Coaching involves helping you improve your performance and is often about the make up of excellence and making what is good even better.

Business Coaching will help you consider how to get the best out of your staff; your colleagues and your boss, as well as helping you to identify your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and fears.

Owners might employ business coaches at any stage of the business, including:

* start-up and business planning
* learning to delegate
* building a team structure
* resolving changing relationships
* introducing management processes
* developing a marketing plan
* expansion, new project
* business turnaround
* sale or purchase

Business Coaching can benefit the individual and the organisation. Coaching has a proven history and is known to be successful in developing leadership; it can also support individuals through challenging transition periods where change may reveal vulnerabilities in individual skills, or where past issues may have brought barriers to success. Coaching is frequently offered to aspiring managers and leaders as a motivator towards increased future success.

We work on a wide range of issues. Often, this begins with one of the following:

* One to one Coaching for you.
* Leadership Team Coaching for your Senior Team.
* Leadership Development or Training for your Managers.

For Small Business Owners

You may already be running your own small business or be in the process of starting up your own business. If you are one of the many people in the U.K leading or starting up their business alone you will understand the stresses and demands placed upon you.

Enlighten can support you in the often lonely task of ensuring you are on the right track for success. Perhaps you have been in business for some time and need to revitalize your enthusiasm and find your direction if you have gone astray.

We can help and support you to ensure you have a vision and strategic plan for success.

What we can do.

* Support you through growth pains.
* Help you to survive start up
* Provide business direction and strategy
* Challenge you to know your customers and market
* Provide sensible support through money matters
* Ensure your plan covers managing your resources well
* Ensure you manage your business relationships well
* Where to next? Do you have a 3 or 5 year plan?

Personal Life Coaching With Enlighten

"Every great journey starts with one small step."

Personal Life Coaching focuses in a holistic way on any aspect of your life that you would like to improve

For example, a Life Coach could help you increase your self confidence, improve your self awareness, and raise your self esteem. Coaching may focus on you developing a plan for your life in an action focused, structured manner. It may challenge your own perception of what is and isn't possible such as becoming more assertive with your friends and family or tackling people and situations you have avoided for fear of failure or being rejected.

Coaching can help you through times of stress such as changing job or even profession. It could support you through the realization of a project such as starting a business.

Whatever your focus is, coaching will help you overcome any personal blocks and support you in taking control of your life and achieving your goals.

Coaching in Education with Enlighten

'It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry.' - Albert Einstein

At Enlighten we specialise in coaching within educational settings. We provide coaching solutions for leaders, teachers, pupils and parents.

We have a recent, relevant and highly successful experience of leadership and management within schools. We are fully aware of the demands made on Head Teachers and senior leaders in schools today and aim to provide a service that helps you maintain your vision and sustain your enthusiasm.

At Enlighten we aim to support you and your team by providing confidential and supportive coaching that reduces that feeling of isolation often felt by school leaders. We can support you through the successful completion of a difficult project or help you build on effective practice.

We work on a wide range of issues. Often, this begins with one of the following:

- One to one Coaching for you.
- Leadership Team Coaching for your Senior Team.

We can also provide continuous professional support and design bespoke Leadership Development, Training such as:

- Establishing and Communicating your Vision
- Effective Leadership
- Coaching Skills
- Emotional Intelligence
- Personal Effectiveness

Training and Development with Enlighten

Enlighten has over fourteen years experience of delivering effective learning experiences and materials. After an initial consultation we design bespoke programs aimed at meeting your individual need and success criteria. This is followed up by evaluation and feedback to ensure our training fully meets your requirements.

See our Training List on the website for further details and for information on our 'ready to go' existing training titles. The titles below are only representative titles we call ready to go. Specific training can be created to your original design and needs.

* Leadership and Management
* Leadership Styles and their Impact
* Creating the Right Emotional Climate
* Effective Working Relationships & Emotional Intelligence
* Expressing Yourself - Effective Communication -
* Coaching and Leadership
* Creating and Communicating A Vision
* Teamwork and Coaching
* Managing Appraisal
* Managing People/Managing Conflict
* Strategic Planning
* Asserting Yourself
* Effective Delegation

About Enlighten

Enlighten was founded by John Pritchard. John enjoys success as a personal and professional development professional. The founder of Enlighten Coaching John specialises in helping business leaders and managers achieve greater success and fulfilment through business coaching techniques and professional development training.

John trained as a fine artist before moving to the south of England to gain his Secondary teaching qualification at The Institute of Education University College London. After teaching with Infant age children he was inspired to qualify as a Primary teacher at Greenwich University and pursue a Primary career.

'The thing I loved about young children was that they believed that they could do anything! Somewhere along the way we lose that belief in ourselves.'

After a successful career as a class teacher and then deputy head he became a head teacher. His clear vision for learning ensured that he lead his school to success. His style has been described as, 'dynamic, purposeful and clearly focused.'

'I always believed that learning should be fun and that teachers needed to be motivational. If we don't want to learn, we simply don't. Good teachers and coaches tap into that emotion and that desire to progress.'

John has completed N.P.Q.H and L.P.S.H with the National College of School Leadership. He has accredited training for Self Evaluation and an Advanced Diploma in Management from Christ College Canterbury. As well as having experience of coaching within an academic setting, John has trained with The Coaching Academy.

He is currently carrying out research with Greenwich University into the relationship between motivation, emotion and learning.

John works with a network of associate coaches and trainers who work on various Enlighten projects. He lives in Kent with his wife and daughter.

Our Vision

At Enlighten we believe that the solution to many of life's challenges lie within ourselves.

The skill to leading a fulfilling and successful life can rest on whether or not you can discover within yourself the right solution at the right time. Often 'time' is the key. Time to reflect, and to think. It is a fact that we live in a world were time itself is the most costly of commodities.

We believe that the gift of time is the most special of gifts we should grant ourselves. Through coaching and personal development training we invest in our future and become closer to our goals. In striving for greater knowledge of ourselves, those that we love, those that we work with, lead and manage, we become more fulfilled. Our lives become enriched and we become lifelong enlightened learners.

Enlighten: 'We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world.'

Every client is different. The easiest way to establish how Enlighten can help, and whether you feel that we could work together, is to give us a call. We will not hard sell and believe that people get value out of our initial discussion - whether or not we go on to work together.

Some of our clients' views

'O-Regen found the training to be well organised by John, and his strong presentational and motivational skills combined with his ability to empathise with those undertaking the training, meant that staff who were hesitant at the start of the training were able to contribute and gain valuable tools which they can use in their work.' C.E.O O-Regen - operates throughout the London Borough of Waltham Forest

'As the owner of a small business I sometimes find it difficult to step back, assess excactly where I want to be and take action to get there. The coaching I had with John at Enlighten enabled me to do just this. I achieved more than I ever thought possible in the time we worked together.' - D.Harvey

'Purposeful, dynamic, clearly focused.'

'John is an excellent communicator with the whole range of people that he comes into contact with, effectively providing leadership in a sensitive, diplomatic and confident manner.' - Head Teacher - Bromley L.E.A

'John is extremely thorough and conscientious in all that he does.' - T.P.C

The way forward

Contact Enlighten now for an informal, confidential discussion. To find out if we could work together and to see what Enlighten could do for you contact John on 01233 646605 or via e-mail:

'Our Success is not about knowing the right answers; it's about knowing the right questions to ask.'

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