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Business Coaching in Exeter, Devon

With Deirdre Dee

I offer the DiSC Personal Profile as my introduction to business or corporate coaching.
There are many psychometric tools today and these are used extensively both in the business world. Many people on being confronted with a request to take a psychometric test from a prospective or current employers are a little nervous about their result and how it may affect their career. However, the insights yielded by a DiSC profile can be positively life enhancing.DiSC is an acronym that stands for the four types--Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. All these personality types are required within a team or company to achieve great results. It's also important to understand how these types interact with each other.

What makes Disc different from other psychometric tools? The first point to make is that it isn�t a personality test nor is there any right or wrong way of answering the questions. Knowing your style gives you a chance to modify your behaviour, not your personality. Although the profile shows preferred methods of behaviour, all of us use other less dominant character traits in different situations.

It can therefore be extremely helpful to understand how you may react under stress and also how your key people react both to your stress and to their own different trigger point.

DiSC helps you understand yourself
DiSC helps you understand others
DiSC can help you use this awareness to manage the differences


Name: Deirdre Dee

Phone: +44 7970 814568



Country/Area: Exeter, Devon