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Business Coaching in West Midlands

With Deepak Lodhia

Deepak Lodhia Director of Coaching Deepak Founded Catalyst Coaching Organisation in 2000. He needed to work with others who held the same values of integrity, Inspiration and action that the company stands for. Deepak excels in coaching because of his diverse skill set and his ability to work with people from all backgrounds and ages. With a background of executive and corporate coaching, Deepak has a unique ability to open people's minds to possibilities. This allows them to think 'outside the box' and put themselves back in the driving seat of their career or life.

Deepak has a real talent for seeing what is going on with people, his intuition and empathy set him apart from the majority of coaches (so much so that many coaches have Deepak as their coach). Deepak's personal mission is to live a fulfilled life and to inspire, touch and move others to take actions to do the same.

Qualifications & Memberships • NLP Master Practitioner
• Fire walk trainer
• Dip. Hyp. Clinical Hypnotherapist
Member of the Association of Ethical and Professional Hypnotherapists
• Accredited professional coach with the Rivas Palmer Foundation
• Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy
• Fear Elimination Therapist
• Quantum Pain Consultant
• Member of Rivas Palmer Foundation
• Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
• Professional Enneagram Profiler and Trainer

Its time to stand out from the crowd. Deepak can help you do it.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you Excel at or phone +44 (0)121 288 5502 Catalyst Coaching is part of the The Catalyst Coaching Organisation, and is based in the UK>

Name: Deepak Lodhia

Phone: 00(44) 121 288 5502



Country/Area: West Midlands