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Business Coaching in UK

With Debbie Robinson

I provide trainingand mentoring in proven sales techniques but fundamentally, this training is underpinned by personal performance development strategies and coaching. The value and belief systems that sales people hold have a direct impact on their sales success. In my experience, as a sales professional of over 25 years, most performance challenges are due to limiting beliefs that undermine confidence and motivation. What we think affects our feelings that ultimately affect our behaviour or actions. By tackling what is holding back each individuals optimal performance I can provide improvement and development in:

Planning and Time management
Marketing plans and strategies
Prospecting and Cold calling
Networking, Engagement and Rapport
Access to sponsors and decision makers
Power pitching ,presenting and public speaking
Improved opportunity generation
Accuracy of forecast pipeline
Negotiating and controlling the buying process
Timing and relevance of proposals
Handling conflict and rejection
Coping with success and aiming for more
Goal setting and motivation
Achieving target!

The new paradigm of managing is not telling or directing employees, but guiding and enabling answers from individuals. Managers who wish to free themselves from the time consuming aspect of day-to-day management of process can adopt a coaching style to help their sales people to access their own inner resources, to increase their confidence and achieve their tasks and targets.

Contact TPC today to explore working together and to discuss how sales performance development can help your sales revenues flourish.

Name: Debbie Robinson

Phone: 01793 875783



Country/Area: UK