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Business Coaching in England/East Anglia

With Colin Platt

Colin Platt Professional Business & Life Coach

Areas of coaching

Goal Setting & Self Development
Motivation & Time Management
Team Management
Stress Management
Relationships & Personal Issues

I provide coaching solutions as a catalyst in helping individuals to make positive changes in their personal and business life. For those who run their own business, a personal issue may not only affect the balance of their life it can also impact on the performance and profitability of the business. Coaching for many in this situation has reversed a downward trend into one of success and fulfilment.

Stress can manifest itself in career, business, relationships and personal issues. I have a great passion for coaching people through their issues and enabling them to move forward in their life.

As a Consultant running my own business I have experience, which spans most industry sectors working with individuals and groups of people from a variety of backgrounds. Through coaching and training programmes I have helped personnel with responsibilities at production line level through to executive level resolve serious issues and achieve very rewarding goals.

In recognising that 'by continuing to do what they have always done, they may continue to get what they have always got', my clients have already made the first step towards important changes in their life and/or business. With my support and guidance the next steps remove any limiting beliefs, cultivate a positive mental attitude, improve confidence and self-esteem and keep motivation high on the agenda during the process of achieving goals. Make your next step an intake/discovery session either face to face or over the telephone.

I am also a joint partner and founder member of Cambridge Enneagram Associates.


Cambridge Enneagram Associates brings to East Anglia the power of the Enneagram a personality model, which is rapidly gaining international prestige for its unique contribution to the transformation of organisations. By explicitly recognising that people are different the Enneagram maximises the talents of each thus creating a thriving work environment and massively increased productivity.

Cambridge Enneagram Associates deliver workshops and seminars based on the Enneagram to businesses and organisations that seek to create a fulfilling and profitable enterprise. They also offer ongoing support for teams and individuals within the organisation.

The Enneagram is a powerful and insightful system for raising awareness in individuals and organisations. It identifies the diversity of human behaviour, and crucially explains the deep motivations underlying that behaviour. The Enneagram points to nine different points of view, nine distinct sets of values, nine different communication styles, nine ways of solving problems, and so forth, that are all equally useful and valid. It shows what drives each type of person, how each type goes after different goals, how each type reacts to stress and conflict, and how best to communicate with each type.

This increased awareness and the practical solutions that the Enneagram offers are particularly valuable for

1. recognising the unique talents of each member of the team or organisation

2. developing effective and dynamic communication, interpersonal relationships, and teamwork

3. retaining valuable employees through increased job satisfaction and productivity

4. developing leadership and management skills


Name: Colin Platt

Phone: 0845 6443370


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Country/Area: England/East Anglia