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Business Coaching in London

With Claire Habel

"Unleashing your potential to fulfil your business dreams"
That's what I am committed to doing through Inspiring Futures. In addition to being a Women’s Business & Personal Development Coach and a Marketing Consultant, I am a Woman who is passionate about helping other Women fulfil their dreams and potential.

I know from experience that when you start a business, you’re often the biggest or at least the most valuable asset you have. A thriving business starts with empowering you, its owner so it makes complete sense to invest in unleashing all of your potential so that you have the best possible chance of personal and business success. This is what Coaching with me can help you to achieve.

I value respect, integrity and honesty and bring this to every coaching relationship. In addition to my ITOL dimploma in Coaching Excellence I am also said to be a very intuitive and insightful coach.

In further support of your goal, I help with one of the biggest challenges facing small business owners by providing Marketing Consultancy, Training and mentoring. I draw on a wealth of experience gained from working with clients such as Nokia, P&G and GSK and use that to help small businesses.

Inspiring Futures is all about empowering you so that you and your business can thrive.

Name: Claire Habel

Phone: 07788 783678



Country/Area: London