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Business Coaching in Manchester

With Renwick Consulting

Personal life coaching

There may be so much more you could achieve in your life with a personal coach, such as losing weight, improving your motivation and self-confidence, or achieving your own personal goals.

For example, you may dream of starting your own business, but need help finding the confidence and ability to put your plans into action.

Business life coaching

Are you an executive or business leader? This can be a lonely place sometimes. You have some good ideas but also face challenges. You might need someone who has been there and experienced what you are going through to help you form plans and strategies, who can then work with you and give you practical guidance to help put those plans into action.

Or you could be a manager who feels t hat either you or your key team members are not performing to maximum potential and would benefit from business coaching (also known and referred to as executive coaching).

Career Coaching

Would you like to move forward in your career? Perhaps you need help with putting together a CV or resume, guidance on where to look for a job, or advice about how to develop good interview techniques and boost your confidence.

Or maybe you are confused about the next step in your career direction, and want support from someone who can help you to identify opportunities and next steps.

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