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With Mark Fisher

Work Life Balance Interventions

Much has been written about the ‘War for Talent’ and yet the war for talent is clearly over, and the talent has won! There simply isn’t enough out there!

Our programs can assist in the Retention & Recruitment of talent. Our clients are viewed as Employers of Choice through using it as a general offering to employees or as part of their induction.

Our clients want to be Employers of Choice and they want outstanding results, but they want to get there on a path that is healthy for them and for the people in their company.

Pure Balance Coaching Ltd work with organisations that are action orientated, and who recognise that there is a real Competitive Advantage in being recognised as an Employer of Choice.

Our clients recognise the demographic changes that are occurring, and want to offer positive Work Life Balance initiatives. They realise that these initiatives could be a real differentiator.

Our clients are serious about attracting and retaining talented staff, they realise that Recruitment and retention of good staff is crucial to the success of organisations.

They are proactive, and realise that prevention is better than cure. Our clients are serious about Corporate Social Responsibility and are proactively looking for ways in which to demonstrate their contribution to this government initiative.

They understand that engaged employees stay in the job longer, and are safer, more productive and more profitable.

Our clients understand the importance of giving the responsibility back to the individuals to manage and maintain their own Work Life Balance, rather than it being some thing the company ‘does’ to their employees. Our client’s and their staff feel valued, and in turn are far more engaged, committed and loyal.

The Work Life Balance interventions contain 3 key elements, which can be delivered individually or together, and can be tailored to fit your organisational objectives. All elements are underpinned with a coaching philosophy.

Find out how others have benefited from our Work Life Balance workshops here.

1. One day Work Life Balance Workshop

One day workshop aimed at all levels of employees within the organisation, with the following objectives

Raising the individual’s awareness of what Work Life Balance is, and the impact on them and their organisation.
Assisting individuals in finding their own ideal balance.
Looking at where they are, and what changes they need to make.

This is an overview of the one day group workshop:

-Introductions & Workshop Objectives.

-Work Life Balance Defined – The business case.

-Your ideal balanced working week.

-Understanding your current Work Life Balance.

-Stocktaking your health and wellbeing.

-Defining your personal motivators and career values.

-Accepting responsibility for your own work and life results.

-Health check on your belief system.

-Improving productivity through effective planning and organisation.

-Balanced Goal Setting and Action Planning.

-Coaching you to take action for a positive way forward.

2. Half day Workshop for Senior Managers/Directors

Half-day workshop aimed at Senior Managers/Directors of organisations with the following objectives

Raising awareness, understanding and the importance of the business case for Work Life Balance.
The impact of stress on the individual and on the organisation, including the legal implications.
Looking at their own personal Work Life Balance, and their personal motivators.

This is an overview of the half day workshop:

-Introductions & Workshop Objectives.

-Work Life Balance Defined – The business case.

-Understanding your current Work Life Balance.

-Stocktaking your health and wellbeing.

-Stress – how to recognise it and what impact it can have.

-The legal implications for the business regarding stress.

-Health & Safety Executive guidelines on auditing and managing stress in the organisation.

-Personal Motivators – how they affect performance and relationsips.

3. 12 week one-to-one Coaching Program for sustainability

The 12 week one-to-one Coaching program is a weekly face-to-face or over the telephone, one hour coaching session. The following topics are covered in depth to embed the learning and provide sustainability.

-Intake session – where you are now.

-Exploring personal motivators and career values.

-Exploring the Belief System.

-Health and Wellbeing.

-Defining a Work Life Balance formula.

-Exploring Roles within different areas of life.

-Creating a Life / Work Vision and Mission.

-Enhancing Communication and Relationships.

-Setting Balanced Goals.

-Action Planning.

-Review of the Work Life Balance Plan.

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