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Business Coaching in Preston, Lancashire

With Linda Merrills

Your technology coach works primarily with small business owners who know the value of using technology to attract and assist their clients globally.

If you struggle using technology, you can partner with us to gain a competitive advantage in the market. You may have heard that many successful businesses are taking advantage of technology to build their successful business.

Easy-to-use online business tools are helping businesses reach a global market and work with their clients through the use of technology. All types of businesses are implementing technology in their business and it is resulting in increased profits.

Your technology coach, Linda, has been working with small businesses since 1990 to increase profitability, decrease the amount of hours that they work and establishing an effective web presence. We have a solid record of success and a long list of satisfied clients. Our approach has proven to be successful and it can work for you as well. We use both Mac and PC so whatever your problem we can help.

We work with small businesses, especially work at home entrepreneurs.

Our clients will work other small businesses providing vital support and services. What they have in common is that they all want to use technology but often don’t know what to do or often where to start.

Are some of these statements true for you?

I have a website but it doesn’t do anything, it’s difficult to update or doesn’t have a purpose. People visit but don't really get in touch.

I know that I think I should blog but I don’t know what a blog is/I don’t know what to write about/how do you set one up/can I have my own design?

I need to know more about how I can use technology in my business I don’t have a lot of time.

People talk about Facebook and Twitter but I don't see how they will help my business.

People often ask me for my web address so they can refer me but I don't have a website or the website I have isn't really relevant anymore. Can I quickly set one up, create a newsletter and make it look great?

I started my business to serve my cleints, now I seem to spend more time serving my business! How can I automate the process so I can work with my clients?

Our clients are often:

DIY business owners -- usually want to do most of the technology work themselves may be to keep it up-to-date or just so they know how to do it before handing over to someone else.

An adventurous business owners -- those who want to expand their skills and to keep a full grasp of their business.

Busy business owners -- we can provide all levels of technology implementation and regular update for you.

What they all have in common is that they all have a small business and provide services to other businesses.

Our Ideal Client:

Committed to providing the best service and experience for your clients

Enthusiastic and ready to learn

Don’t have time/inclination to find out for yourself

Ready to grow your business and be wildly successful

Ready to partners to achieve results with your technology

You are willing to open your mind to new ideas

You are commited to really automating your business

You don't want to have to spend your time researching and test technology tools. You have better things to do.

Name: Linda Merrills

Phone: 0845 094 9810



Country/Area: Preston, Lancashire