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Business Coaching in South East England

With Karen Purves

Karen Purves has over 25 years experience in business, starting out with the blue chip companies but for the past 15 years running her own businesses of consulting, interim management, training and coaching. She understands the challenges of entrepreneurs, small business owners and those in high growth businesses. Her background is marketing where she has introduced new products and services to market including the marketing research and defining the ways the services were communicated.

Karen has authored articles for the past ten years on the ways small businesses can achieve results with their marketing.

Her style of coaching is very much working with the client’s strengths to utilise the marketing approaches that complement those strengths and the client’s dream. Karen believes that we all have the answers within us. It is just sometimes we need help to realise the dream.

What my clients have said:

“Karen’s coaching has changed how I approach the sales and marketing of my primary service. I now have an offering that customers will purchase time and time again. Also, I have changed my telesales so I make the most of prospective and returning customers and have more structure to ensure that I maximise the potential of each sale.” Dennis Barker, Director, Spiritual Oasis

“Karen’s intuitive coaching gets under my skin to help me identify the real issues I need to face in clarifying and fulfilling ambitious marketing plans for the practice and then to implement them powerfully.” Maitland Kalton, Founding Partner, Kaltons Solicitors

Name: Karen Purves

Phone: 01737 735400



Country/Area: South East England