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Business Coaching in Based In Hertfordshire, UK. Will Travel UK & Europe

With Jenny Garrett, Reflexion Coaching For Women In Leadership


Jenny Garrett MA

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As a leading authority in the lives of female breadwinners, I am author of Rocking Your Role, the how to guide to success for female breadwinners, I have been a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and shortlisted for the Damsels In Success Women Inspiring Women's award.

I specialise in:

*connecting leaders with their authentic self, through one to one coaching.

*helping women manage the complexity of 'doing it all' through a 12 step programme born from my book 'Rocking Your Role.'

*delivering organisational and individual goals through team development.

My style is incisive and pragmatic, born from study of Coaching, Management and Leadership and business, my experience and intuition.

I am a sought after executive coach, author, speaker, and founder of Reflexion Associates coaching and leadership consultancy.

I am married and have one daughter and three step sons.

I founded my company in 2006, and have been the main breadwinner for my family since then.

I am passionate about:

* Challenging leaders to make a positive difference

* Motivating women to live their best life

* Inspiring authentic leadership

I mentor internationally for the Cherie Blair Foundation and ASPIRE programme.

My work is characterised by having, depth, personalisation and meaning, or some would say 'soul'

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Name: Jenny Garrett, Reflexion - Coaching For Women In Leadership

Phone: 0844 776 4744



Country/Area: Based In Hertfordshire, UK. Will Travel UK & Europe