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Business Coaching in UK/ Oxford

With Jane Bromley

The Business Coach for Faster Growth

With 2 decades of experience working with small and large companies, I use my wealth of business experience to maximum effect. Professionally accredited as a Corporate and Executive Coach, I undertake both 1:1 and team coaching for business owners, individuals and employees.

My focus and passion is on maximising personal performance and accelerating business growth. I use my energy and ability to build strong rapport to provide a safe environment for clients to overcome challenges and make fast progress towards their goals. I will guide you to become who you are at your very best- with the resulting performance improvement.

With 2 decades of business and marketing experience- accelerating growth, creating companies and advising Boards, I have the background to understand the challenges you face.

How soon can I start guiding you to achieve what you want and to perform at your very best?

Some Testimonials:

1. "I would recommend you to any organization wanting to build business or to build confidence and success." MD- Consultancy Business

2. "In just six sessions of one hour, I have found a far sharper sense of purpose and focus. Through Jane’s coaching, I have realised that success is not achieved through working harder, but smarter. I am moving towards my goals step by easy step and can see my satisfaction levels steadily rising in each of the areas of my life which are important to me. Such results are priceless! This is coaching at its finest. Thank you Jane for the indelible impression you have left on my life!" P.S. My sales revenue increased 50% during the sessions!" Salesman, Coaching business.

3. "I have no hesitation in recommending Jane, as a coach, to anyone. Time and money invested with her is a very worthwhile investment.". MD, IT Company

4. "Assisting me with some difficult business challenges, Jane Bromley enabled me, in 6 hours, to transform my inner thoughts into a detailed and successful action plan which provided me and my business with real tangible benefits." Senior Manager, Blue chip bank

5. “I am building a clear vision for my short term future and I have reconnected with who I am; my many qualities, my skills and my “potential” for greatness. I have taken actions to move my life forward which I have been procrastinating about for some time; actions which relate to my work and my home life - including starting Salsa lessons with my wife. Its fun, I’m enjoying the dance again; both on the dance floor and in my life.

Having facilitated and coached clients such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Barclays Capital, Mars, HBoS and GSK, I have no hesitation in recommending Jane to you as a Corporate and Executive coach. I feel privileged to have met and worked alongside Jane." Consultant

Name: Jane Bromley

Phone: 01865 407885



Country/Area: UK/ Oxford