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Business Coaching in UK And Europe

With Imran Rehman

Imran Rehman is British born Asian with family from the Indian subcontinent and Africa. His upbringing in multiple cultures at home in the UK as well as India, Pakistan, Spain, Germany and South America have given him the ability to recognise and appreciate cultural influences and culture-specific concepts of cognition, thinking, feeling and judging and to effectively utilise them in business. He has the aptitude to aid managers to hone existing skills through reflection and help them find creative solutions to complex issues in today’s international business environment.


Intercultural awareness training at all levels

Coaching during international assignments

Process coaching for teams and executives

Selection of international candidates

International business co-promotion

He is an astute, knowledgeable and experienced trainer and coach with a solid background in PD and consultancy in business. He has spent the last 15 years in business and academia, assisting various stakeholders create mutually beneficial relationships with a ‘hands-on’ approach to bridging corporate cross-cultural issues.


International business communication trainer

Coach for middle / senior management for intercultural issues

Design, develop and deliver bespoke courses

Small business coaching

Name: Imran Rehman

Phone: 07950643426



Country/Area: UK And Europe