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Business Coaching in Woodbridge, Suffolk

With Gemma Thompson

Illuminate Coaching

Do you want your business to be more 'green' or ethical? Are you confused about the best options for ethical trading for your company? Do you own a 'green' business but are scared you can never be truly profitable?

Or are you wondering what happened to the life you were supposed to have? Do you find yourself bogged down by the day to day details without time to follow your dreams?

Illuminate Coaching can help you! We offer both business and personal coaching for all the areas listed below

Working ethically, Growing your 'green' credentials, Skills Development, CV Consultancy, Design your Career, Smoothing the Step Up, Work life Balance, Worth your weight in gold, Living your purpose, Down-shifting / living sustainably, Family / Social Life, Emotional development, Spirituality, Health / Wellbeing,

How exactly can Illuminate Coaching help you? By showing you where you are now; By helping you to define your goals; By showing you what you need to do to reach your goals; By creating an achievable timeline for you; By helping you create an ethical working practice policy; By writing and delivering training programs for you; By helping you uncover and eliminate destructive thinking and behavior patterns; By uncovering what you value and what makes you happy; By teaching you effective communication; By keeping you focused on, and in control of, your life; By enabling you to recover the thrill of living you had as a child; By helping you to find your purpose in life.

So contact us now and together we will shine a light on your life and your business...

“To the dull mind all nature is leaden. To the illumined mind the whole world burns and sparkles with light” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gemma Thompson

Hi, I'm Gemma Thompson, the founder and CEO of Illuminate Coaching. In my previous career I have worked in Spa management in Hotels, Resorts, Private clubs and Cruise ships for more than 10 years. I enjoyed working for the best quality establishments in the UK and internationally, including Hilton, Banyan Tree and Centre Parcs.

Through this I gained extensive recruitment and training experience and also spent a lot of time working on various 'green teams' to maintain and improve the ethical credentials of the companies I worked for. During this time I found that the part of my job I loved the most was helping staff and clients to define their dreams and motivating them to achieve them, I was also always at my most passionate when I felt I was working ethically and minimising ecological damage by the companies I worked for.

I started my career as a holistic therapist and am qualified in many forms of massage. I still enjoy treating people today and offers Reiki and meditation courses as well as coaching.

After returning from 21⁄2 years in the sun-drenched middle-east, where my head was I admit a little turned by material things I decided to focus on living my dream and now love helping my clients achieve and celebrate their personal and career successes, as well as being with my 8 year old daughter!

Name: Gemma Thompson

Phone: 01394 412160



Country/Area: Woodbridge, Suffolk