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Business Coaching in Leeds, West Yorkshire

With Drew Bird

CEOs, Directors, Managers, Consultants and Motivational Speakers are just a sample from a large bank of professionals I have helped to take action and improve their lives. People at the top of their profession are often isolated and fail to develop as they no longer have the supportive relationships of the past.

Coaching can help address this in-balance, offering a supportive and challenging relationship that can keep pushing you forward. If you are not growing you are not developing your self and that means you stagnate.

You can achieve in all areas of life using the mind creative approach developed personally for you. You will learn simple and fast acting NLP techniques to create the results you want. By applying my success formula, you can create what you want, where you want it and with who. As an NLP coach I use a system of accelerated learning that models the excellence of high achievers. In this way you will learn more easily how to be more successful.

I am a Member of the Coaching Association (MAC) and the author of numerous articles and e books that are available through my website at

I also offer free coaching consultations on the phone and all my coaching comes with a money back guarantee.

Name: Drew Bird

Phone: 07967 745570



Country/Area: Leeds, West Yorkshire