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Business Coaching in London, Nottingham, U.K. Wide

With Charmaine Pollard

Charmaine offers business coaching and wellbeing programmes for women in
business or self-employed entrepreneurs who want to: START, GROW or
TRANSFORM their business.

I am a business coach and life coach, and, most important, I am a woman, I
understand the pressure that is put on women, both internally and
In our society we often take care of others yet we are still are expected to
be perfect in all ways as a woman, mother, wife, executive businesswoman,
entrepreneur, and volunteer. I have been in business for over 12 years as a
business coach, life coach, trainer and for 16 years as a BACP accredited
I know what it takes to lead and grow a business whilst remaining motivated,
focused and mentally strong for all the challenges you will face in life as
a woman in business.

Business Coaching and wellbeing for women entrepreneurs will help you to:
*Be motivated to achieve all your personal and business goals no matter how
*Learn how to prioritise all your  business tasks, life tasks and maintain
*Gain support to help you stay focussed and on track
*Avoid burn out by learning how to relax no matter what the day throws at
you *Develop a detailed and compelling personalised action plan
*Achieve an acceptable work/ life balance and improve your health and

Name: Charmaine Pollard

Phone: 0845 071 1369



Country/Area: London, Nottingham, U.K. Wide