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EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques in Croydon,London

With Sandra R Namabsa

Sandra, A Practioner in Auto-Response Psychology.
A Powerchange Gold Coach.

We come into this world with a set of presuppositions and beliefs that drive our own baby-research, enabling us to learn at a stunning rate, love and build relationships with people, and explore and play while staying comparatively safe.

So you are born with a pre-programmed Auto-Response System, and it works brilliantly. However, just like a computer that gets messed up and needs to be rebooted or reset, you do too. As adults we re-programme our core Auto-Response System many times over, and you'll probably have experienced moments when you know it just isn't working as it should. You react badly, behave in ways that don't work for you, and end up confused and unhappy.

I have Several Reset programms;

The powerchange Experience (ten Powefull tools that will subtly change teh way your brain responds.

The shape programme(that will help you change the stalemating behaviour that stops you in your tracks time and time again).

Powerbubbles, a tool that is targeted to personal state management control.

The above and other tools will help you remove psychological confusion and conflict, the thinking that so often causes the mental log-jams and malfunctioning of your life. In just a few hours, you will be able to identify the bugs, switch off from those things, refresh that core Auto-Response System and trust yourself to think creatively again.


Name: Sandra R Namabsa

Phone: 07850747108



Country/Area: Croydon,London