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EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques in Twickenham, London

With Penny Waite

Within and around you, is Energy. This Energy influences you, your thoughts, your emotions and your actions. I work with this Energy using primarily EFT, also including NPA (Non Personal Awareness) and Coaching to release trauma, grief, outdated patterns of behaviour, physical pain, phobias, fears, anger and any negative emotion you care to name.
I work intuitively and my focus is to coach you in your relationship with yourself, along with the responsibility and acceptance of being who you are. As I see it, it’s all about your truth, your authenticity, your wisdom, your talents - and your ‘self’. A side-effect of this work is a huge rise in self-confidence, and the outcome is your happier life, your freedom, your understanding of yourself and all you are, your acceptance of the mistakes you have made, and your understanding that you will almost certainly make more and that’s OK; your acceptance of all that you are, light and shadow; your ability to be all that you can be, bringing that sense of creativity and fulfillment which all the money in the world cannot buy.
I am an Advanced Emotional Freedom Coach and Trainer (AAMET) with experience of working with hundreds of clients both one to one, (either over the phone, face to face or via skype all over the world), and with groups.
I offer one-off sessions (usually to remove trauma, help with grief or phobias) and on going sessions to take you to the places you only ever dreamed you could achieve.
Call me for free 30 minute chat about how I can help you.

Name: Penny Waite

Phone: +44 (0)20 8892 0269



Country/Area: Twickenham, London