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EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques in Gloucestershire

With Diane Holliday

I provide confidential, personal mentoring, which also includes health, career and business issues.
Now in my 60’s my passion for many years has been to help other people find happiness and contentment in life. My life has had it’s difficult parts and my career has changed from business and accounting to therapy and coaching, so I understand about being at the cross roads and life changes.
I use EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) and counselling with most of my clients, as this is a fast and effective way to reduce the burden of emotional and physical pain.
My work now covers:
• Personal and spiritual development
• Working with relationship issues and families
• Providing support for illness and distress
• Helping clients at critical times in business or career
• Working with animals to heal physical and emotional stress

My work is by personal 1-2-1, telephone and internet sessions.
Call me for a free chat and see if I can help you in your search for happiness.

Name: Diane Holliday

Phone: 01452 614345



Country/Area: Gloucestershire