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EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques in Chiswick, LONDON

With Penny Croal

EFT can be used any time, anywhere on literally

As EFT Trainer and practitioner, Master NLP and Time Line Therapy
Master, Hypnotherapy Master and Psych-k Practitioner, i work closely
with life coaches, therapists, corporate business and people with
serious diseases. Therefore anyone that wishes to help themselves or

I also train META-Medicine which is not a therapy but a stress related
diagnostic tool. This is particularly invaluable for anyone interested
in health, whether they themselves are ill, know of someone that is
affected by disease, or a Dr or Therapist, (the latter can determine
what is the cause and the process of the illness, in the fastest most
efficient manner possible).

We are all aware of stress and limiting beliefs, however sometimes it
is challenging for us to let go or change those strategies on our own.
-Are you stuck in a rut?
-Are you feeling depressed, overwhelmed, down?
-Do you want to change your life for the better?
-Do you wish to help your clients faster?
-Do you wish to share an empowering tool with your clients?

EFT gives you the freedom to start controlling your own life.  You can
share tapping with family, friends, anyone even your pets and it is
non evasive, easy and efficient.

Call me now if you resonate with any of the above for a FREE 30 minute
consultation or chat.

Change your head!  Change your future for the best!

Name: Penny Croal

Phone: 02087479579



Country/Area: Chiswick, LONDON